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Labor Day Comedy Classic
Hi Friends!
I will be performing at Da Brick Comedy Explosion Dec. 6th in Dallas. Hope to see ya there!
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Paul grew up in south central El Paso Texas. His comedy styles are derived from his personal experiences growing up in an interesting predicament being a "half breed". He shares his stories of being a "Cholo" in a white man's body. Paul believes that life is best served with a tall glass of humor and a big plate of burritos or ham and mayonnaise sandwiches or ham tacos… (Shrug). Life should be served with… a lesson.

Paul makes a point to interweave rich lessons into his routines. It is his belief that a lesson to be learned is way bigger than you, me, or comedy. Paul is a "clean comedian" with Christian values and an amusingly curious way of viewing the World. Paul recently debut his stand-up comedy routine during a Christian open mike night.

"Paul Edwards is a fantastic rising star on the DFW comedy scene. My family loves his good, clean Christian comedy and can't wait to see his next performance." --Kimberly Anderson
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